We strive to produce Japanese quality candy with a rich taste and perfect packaging.

We strive to produce Japanese quality candy with a rich taste and perfect packaging. Eikodo Vietnam Ltd. is mostly equipped with high-end Japanese machinery such as 6-Coupling-Candy- Making-Pots and a variety of packaging machines. Especially the 6-Coupling-Candy- Making-Pots enables us to offer you fragrant candies. The vertical/horizontal pillow type machines process beautiful packaging without sending fail bags or pin-holed packages to market. We use metal detectors to prevent contamination.

Factory management by Japanese factory manager

Eikodo is a confectionery maker founded in 1877. We have 140 years of history making Japanese confectionery. We send Japanese factory manager to Eikodo Vietnam Ltd. and make our products with deep knowledge and experience. We are completing five S and adopting a just-in- time manufacturing system for our production.

Quality control by head office in Japan

Good taste is essential for making candy. We will produce candy that meets our Vietnamese customer’s preference by making arrangements through discussion with Japanese flavor companies. We will also have cooperation with the quality control department of our parent company in Japan for safe and secure products insisting on traceability.

Products featuring popular Japanese characters

We will get the license for popular Japanese characters such as Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and Pokémon. The products with these characters are Japanese children’s all time favourites and we will commercialize these products in Vietnam just like in Japan.